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Why and When to Remove Your Wisdom Teeth

How do I Know If I Need Them Removed?

If you have wisdom teeth that come in correctly, completely, and and are functional and healthy, they do not need to be removed. Impact wisdom teeth are the ones that cause problems and need to be removed. They can cause infection after infection and even damage surrounding teeth. Wisdom teeth that don’t erupt or come in all the way should also be removed. They aren’t able to be properly cleaned. A lack of cleaning can cause gum disease.

What Age Should I Have Them Removed?

It’s best to have wisdom teeth removed during your mid-teen years (14 to 18). The roots haven’t finished forming. This means that the teeth can be removed with lower risk and better healing. The older you are, the more developed the denser the bones have become. This makes the removal procedure a lot more difficult and the healing a lot longer.

What Does Recovery and Healing Involved?

If you have your wisdom teeth removed during your mid-teen years, recovery is uneventful. It usually takes around 5 to 7 days to feel normal again, although this changes from person to person. Medications can easily solve any discomfort. Swelling also varies from person to person. Medication can also help that. It’s recommended that patients should avoid strenuous activities during the first 3 to 5 days. Avoid hard to crunchy foods like popcorn and peanuts.

Older patients experience a longer healing period.

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