When Can Children Brush Their Own Teeth?

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Some Advice from WorldDental.org

It’s so important for children to learn how to keep their teeth strong, healthy, and clean. Children should develop a habit of brushing their teeth daily, but at what age? WorldDental.org gives some valuable advice on when children should start brushing their own teeth.

Children Brushing Their Teeth

WorldDental.org states that “most pediatric dentists recommend that children not be entrusted to brush unsupervised until they are at least six years old.” They also provide a list of 10 suggestions for preparing your child for brushing their teeth on their own. We’ll list a few of those suggestions for you.

  1. Let your child do a little preliminary brushing under supervision. Then take control and finish the rest.
  2. Use a pea-sized amount of toothpaste that does NOT contain fluoride.
  3. Avoid sticky foods like caramel and gumdrops.
  4. Have some fun and use a chart to track how regularly your child is brushing.
  5. Brush after breakfast and before bedtime.

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