omnilux acne treatmentOur office uses the Omnilux facial rejuvenation light for the treatment of mild to severe acne. This system utilizes intense LED lights of different wavelengths to kill at different levels the bacteria which cause acne. The rejuvenation properties of the lights stimulate formation of new collagen which are the elastic fibers of the skin. This helps increase healing and reduces the discomfort associated with severe acne.

This acne treatment has been shown to be safe and beneficial to the overall health of the skin. Studies have shown that light treatment is very effective with clearing of an average of 80 percent of the acne lesions. You can get the benefit of healthier skin with significant improvement in acne without all of the side effects associated with antibiotics and other medications. A typical light regimen involves a twenty minute treatment (which is quite relaxing) twice a week for four weeks. This generally improves acne tremendously for up to six months.